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Jokes of Nasreddin Hodja

@@Nasreddin Hodja, also known as Efendi. Was a man of high education and social standing in Turky.The jokes were part of his daily life and they became accepted and welcomed by the public since his time.
@@He was a man with great humor, he was very clever and had an answer to almost all the problems and the dilemmas of his time. Even today, about 600 years after he has lived and passed away, people still laugh and think about his tricks, common sense, ridicule, anecdotes, wit, leg pulling, practicality and ingeniousness. He did not spare his satire for the state, religion, culture or habits. All of the human psychology and social weaknesses received their part of laugh from him. He has seen the human element in each aspect of the everyday life and has used his wit to make everybody aware of the other side of the reality. That is why his jokes are still alive today.